Best Tesoro Metal Detectors

If you are looking into a high stakes hobby that gets you away from the screens and into nature, metal detecting is something you’d like! It’s great for people interested in history and you could get richer by the end of it! You can’t begin without a good tool of course, and there are a lot of metal detectors available in the market.

But if you are willing to get the best one, then trusting a reputed brand like Tesoro will be a wise decision. In this guide, we will discuss our top picks from Tesoro’s range of metal detectors and their value for money, features, and cons.

Tesoro:  One of the Most Trusted Metal Detector Company

Tesoro Electronics was established in 1980 by Jack Gifford. The owner has experienced Bounty Hunter and associated with Fisher companies.

Today, Tesoro is known for crafting lightweight metal detectors. Tesoro detectors provide a lifetime warranty, and this gesture or policy proves their confidence in the quality of their products.

Tesoro is observed as one of the weighty top-listed brands in the metal detecting world and can boast of their fiercely loyal to the brand. Here we’re going to evaluate five of the best Tesoro metal detectors.

1. Tesoro Cibola Metal Detector

The Tesoro Cibola cartels advanced circuit board with turn-on-and-go straightforwardness. This model is seamless for jewelry, coin, and relic hunting.

The Cibola metal detector is lightweight and comprises all the necessary features. The total weight of the product is around 2.2 pounds.

So if you are worried about discomfort carrying a heavy detector, then choose Cibola without any second thought. The best thing about this metal detector is the coil is completely waterproof. The Tesoro Cibola uses a soundless search technology.

Besides the pinpoint button and frequency toggle, the Tesoro Cibola has only three knobs for threshold, discrimination, and sensitivity.

The threshold knob allows you to set the audio threshold when the metal detector is in the non-motion mode. The sensitivity knob lets you regulate the sensitivity of the detector.

It also has the pinpoint mode, which can be accessed through a push-button. This pinpoint feature helps you hit bull’s eye and saves a lot of time.

The discrimination feature enables you to stay away from digging waste. If you want to be out there stalking for treasure, not trifling with your device, the Cibola is excellent for that. According to users, it works up to 12-inch depth, if the target is of coin size. It works at a 14 kHz frequency which is good enough.

2. Tesoro Vaquero Metal Detector

If you are looking for a multipurpose metal detector, then Tesoro Vaquero is the best one. Vaquero operates in 14kHz frequency, just like Tesoro Cibola.

It is exceptional when it comes to detecting gold and offers distinguishable audio for iron, silver, and other metals. It can easily hit up to 6 inches in matted grass and soil.

The Vaquero also comprises of an ED 120 discrimination features that sort out the target metal from junk. No one wants to dig up a hole just to get some litter.

Apart from that, the push button pinpoint feature of this metal detector is also worth mentioning. You can also switch it to an all-metal mode.

The detector’s coil is waterproof, but you can dip it in the water as the control box is not waterproof. The Vaquero detector is also hip-mountable which makes it quite light to carry for a long time.

3. Tesoro Cortes

According to many loyal Tesoro fans, this particular model is a very sensitive one. The model includes the manual operating board to control ground balance, threshold level, and sensitivity and discrimination level as well.

The entire control panel is traditionally designed, so if you are worried about complicated screens, etc.then this Tesoro Cortes should be right for you.

To operate the machine, you will need 8AA batteries. We’re happy with the battery life as they lasted about 35 hours with the speakers and about 40 with headphones.

The coil of the detector is waterproof, so you can take it to the beach and hunt! The Cortes uses a manual ground balancing mode so you will have to learn to adjust it according to the mineralization of the land you’re in.

We have found that the Cortes is especially good at detecting iron and is therefore great for hunting relics. It produces highly varied audio tones for different iron objects so much so that you can train yourself to look for large nails instead of small. It is also pretty lightweight at 4.2 pounds so you can carry it for 2-3 hours without too much strain on your arms.

4. Tesoro Lobo Super TRAQ

The high-end Lobo SuperTRAQ can win your trust even if you are a hardcore explorer. Yes, the detector does not look ‘cool’ like any other new-age detector.

Lobo SuperTRAQ is comparatively lighter than the other Tesoro’s. It is around 3.5 pounds. It comprises computerized ground tracking feature and also has excellent discrimination quality.

Discrimination quality of a detector is one of the most decisive factors of a machine. Tesoro Lobo SuperTRAQ is user-friendly and does not include any complicated and confusing screen or other features.

If you are hunting in rough terrain, then this detector is ideal, because the model is designed for that purpose. It is sturdy and durable. While it does not offer a target id feature that most others offer, it is still quite good for the price. It allows for hip or chest mounting which makes it light to carry in water also.

5. Tesoro Tejon

Tesoro Tejon’s updated features provide output transmit oscillator to send the signal deeper. The increased gain also allows higher sensitivity to smaller targets.

The Tejon was crafted for coin and relic hunters, especially. It can detect a coin from almost 10 inches away. The Tejon comprises two discriminate modes, which can be controlled at ease.

If you are just a beginner hunter, then the user-definable and straightforward design of this detector going to help you a lot.

The makers at Tesoro Tejon have given the handler the ability to set the detector for their hunting needs. ED180 circuitry is the backbone of each discrimination mode.

If you are already aware of the technicalities of a detector, then you know how vital the circuit board is. To get the detector going, you will need 8AA batteries.

The detector is waterproof up to the control box and the coil connections. The pole is also waterproof, so it can be submerged fully.

For the traditional hunters who love to hear that good old beeps when nearing to target, this detector is the perfect one.

Guide To Buying A Tesoro’s Metal Detector

One person’s go-to detector may be very different from other persons’. There is no one-size-fits-all case here as detecting depends on the location, wind and rain conditions, soil and minerals, your desired target and budget. Nevertheless, the below checklist can help you shortlist the one that’s perfect for you.

Who is the User

If you plan to metal detect with your family on vacation, for instance, you will require one which has an adjustable stem.

This will let everyone from your kid to yourself from using it properly irrespective of the difference in heights. Where do you plan to use

Most metal detectors have ground balancing which means they can be used in different areas. In places with high mineral content, you will hear false detections and chatter. The only solution is to reduce sensitivity which reduces the depth of detection.

The more pricey detectors offer automatic adjustment which will affect not the depth of detection. So consider getting a Tesoro metal detector with this feature if you live in a highly-mineralized area.

Also, if you plan to use this on a hiking trip, then think about portability. If it is too heavy, it might be challenging to lug it around. In this look for specialized and small metal detectors.

What Are You Looking For

If you’re the kind of detector who only wants to look for the expensive stuff, then you should go for a gold-specific detector.

It will offer no discrimination between metals and will only target gold. If you are not looking for anything specific, then you need a treasure detector.

Find one with a range of discrimination levels that will let you sort out the trash from the meta. Most good detectors can detect a wide variety of metals but look for one with search modes that will make it easy to find the targets you want.

Features To Look Out For:

  • A good pinpointer is a difference between quick discovery and hours wasted looking for a treasure. Most basic detectors will not have an inbuilt a pinpointer that’s as effective as a separate unit. This tool will alert you when a metal is detected nearby. It’s essential for a detector to have a good pin-pointers job is to save a lot of time and effort
  • If the area you plan to detect is noisy, you will need a pair of headphones. Check if the Tesoro’s metal detector includes a pair otherwise find one that is compatible.
  • Basic metal detectors show “signal strength” which can be difficult to understand. We would recommend you choose something that shows categories of target ID, which will give you an idea of what the target is.
  • Discrimination is possibly the most important feature of a metal detector as this feature will filter out the trash, unimportant metals from the ones you want. You’ll want to get a metal detector that will discriminate between different types of metals easily. Notch discrimination metal detectors work by letting you “notch out” conductivity levels instead of ignoring everything below a default. This is essential if you don’t want to find bottle caps and trash instead of gold!
  • Depth in this field means how deep the metal detector can find and reach targets in the ground. While this factor has a lot of variables affecting it like soil mineralization, wind, rain and so forth, it’s still good to know the average depth the metal detector can work in.
  • The basic metal detector models are not waterproof but most have a water-resistant search coil. In such a case, you can submerge the coil in watery areas like a pond or beach as long as the control box is kept away. If you’re looking to detect while scuba diving, then you will need a highly specialized metal detector.
  • A less thought-about factor-Frequency determines how strong the magnetic field is. While you may think the higher the frequency the better, it’s not always the case. In general, higher frequencies can detect small items better while low frequencies provide greater depth.

Conclusion on Tesoro Metal Detectors

Don’t worry if you don’t have a big budget as even cheaper metal detectors of Tesoro can hunt gold, silver or other valuables.

Tesoro is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to metal detectors. The users keep coming back to the brand due to their excellent and user-friendly designs.

The brand has a lot more other designs, which are really great. Choose your favorite one from the detectors mentioned above and keep hunting.