Garrett Pro Pointer Problems And How to Fix Them

Anybody passionate about metal detecting would certainly be on to the coolest gadgets for better treasure hunting experiences. A tour through stores will lead to the discovery of diverse metal detectors including the pinpointers. Pinpointers are the simpler handheld version of our standard metal detectors. They help to locate the exact areas of metal objects.

Unlike regular metal detectors, pinpointers are smaller and not designed to discriminate metals. All they do is locate the center where your metal target is buried. Pinpointers can be used on land and in the water. There are many pinpointers available by different manufacturers. One of the most talked-about pinpointers is the wireless Garrett pro pointer.

Also known as Carrot, the Garret pro pointer ranks as the best on many review sites. That can be attributed to its distinct features like the obvious orange color, waterproof ability, adjustable sensitivity, depth, and silent mode. From the reviews given by users who have enjoyed the operations of the Garrett Pro pointer, we can see it is a fantastic tool for metal detecting.

However, there have also been many complaints about the Garrett Pro pointer that can give you doubts if you have been considering buying it. Are those complaints genuine? Are Garrett Pro pointers bad metal detectors? Do Garrett pro pointers have any problems? This article will review all the alleged problems of the Garret pro pointers and possible solutions to them.

Common Garrett Pro Pointer Problems and Possible Causes

Based on the complaints of several users, the following are the most common issues the Garrett Pro pointer may have and the possible causes;

ProblemPossible causes
False Alerts: The Garrett Pro pointer may sometimes beep when there is no metal object around it.  If your Garrett Pro pointer has a problem like this, it may be a result of poor maintenance like using a weak battery or an incompatible one.  The pinpointer may also be wet or have  corrosive in the board. .
Inaccurate pinpointing: The primary function of a pinpointer is to tell the exact place where a metal object is hidden. Sometimes, the Garrett Pro pointer does not beep at all. Whether or not there are any metal objects near, it remains inactive  You may have misused your pinpointer if it has this problem. The manual clearly states that it is not  advisable to submerge the pinpointer beyond the speaker vent. Even if you have to, remove the pinpointer as quickly as possible.
Faculty on and off switch: The control button on the pinpointer may malfunction at times due to technical reasons.  Has your pinpointer fallen off at any point? That may cause the control button to be damaged. The problem may also be an error from the factory. It is possible that the switch is not faulty too. Sometimes, weak batteries can cause your pinpointer to malfunction.

How to Repair the Garret Pro Pointer

If you have any of the issues discussed above, you may try the following methods to stop the problem.

  • Change the pinpointer’s battery: According to users of the Garrett Pro pointer with similar problems, the use of non-Duracell batteries stopped the false beeps. While that worked for some, it didn’t stop the problem for others. If this does not work for you, try the other solutions.
  • Reset the pinpointer: To reset, press down the black button and hold for a while. That will restore the pinpointer to its default state.
  • Turn off your other detector: You cannot use two detectors together without one interfering with the other. Ensure that any other metal detector around is turned off to avoid issues like false alerts.
  • Clean out moisture: Take out the batteries of the pinpointer and put the device in rice for a day. The rice will absorb the moisture that must have gotten into the pinpointer when it was submerged completely.
  • Add pressure to the battery: Sometimes, the battery cover at the back of your pinpointer may be worn out. That means the battery is not able to connect well. A simple hack for this is to fold a  piece of paper and put it on the battery before replacing the cover.
  • If any of the solutions above do not solve the continuous beeping issue, send the pinpointer back to Garrett for repairs. This option is for people that still have their warranty intact. A problem like the faulty on and off switch should be referred to the manufacturers. Sometimes, the issue is an error by the maker.
  • Open up and clean the pinpointer: If you have no warranty on your Garrett Pro pointer, clean it up yourself or give it to a professional. If you can, open the pinpointer and remove corrosion. That should be your last resort. If you still have your warranty up, send it back to the manufacturer for proper repair.

Bottom Line

You may be wondering why your Garrett Pro pointer is not working as it should but have you been maintaining the device well? The Garret pro pointer stands out when compared to other pinpointers in its category. However, its strength can easily be defeated with improper usage.

Although the detector is tagged “waterproof,” Moisture can get in through the speaker hole and cause damage. If you really need to use the pinpointer underwater, a hack to prevent damage is to cover the bent with black tape. That would prevent water from getting into the hole.