Garrett Ace 250 Metal Detector Review: Is it Really Good?

Although the Ace Garett had been launched in 2005, it is still regarded as one of the best metal detectors to date. It strikes the right balance by being lightweight but also packed with features good enough for experts.

The ACE 250 comes with an LCD screen, five search modes, Discrimination, a depth indicator, and a pinpointing function. In short, it has amazing features for a nominal price.


The 10” display is the best part of the metal detector is the LCD screen as it is minimal and displays all the features in a way, a beginner could understand.

The graphics target ID is present at the top of the screen and has clear hash marks that are helpful for quick glances. On the right side, you can see a numbered depth indicator that estimates how deep a target is (up to 8 ft).

There is a battery indicator that shows how much charge is left and also warns you when there is a low battery. The battery lasts for a maximum of 30 hours which is great if you want to go metal detecting in a large field.

It has a 3-piece design with an elbow rest. As the stem is adjustable, the length of the ACE 250 ranges from 42-51’. It runs on four AA batteries and on full-charge you can expect 20 hours of run-time.


The Garrett Ace 250 offers discrimination using two indicator scales. The dark squares on the lower scale determine what targets your detector will sound on.

A single cursor will appear above it to show what you have found with the help of a target legend. You can also learn to target with the help of 3 audio tone levels.

This will save you the trouble of staring at your screen all the time. you won’t need to continuously watch the control panel.

Iron gives off a lower sound than most other metals, so this is one way you can differentiate trash from authentic targets while on the all-metal mode.

Search Modes:

The ACE 250 has several modes including:

  • All metal: We can deduce from the name that this mode discovers all kinds of type of metal and ignores discrimination. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for and you want to dig everything around to be cautious, choose this method. I recommend that you use this mode when you’re not getting a consistent signal and you want to check if your desired element is being covered with something.
  • Jewelry mode detects things of higher value such as watches, bracelets, rings, and necklaces. It discriminates against garbage such as iron scraps, nails or bottle caps (some common items that are found on a field)
  • A custom which is just like the coin-mode but you can program it as you like and save it
  • Relic mode which ignores everything by brass and lead objects.
  • Coins which discriminates against iron, pull tabs and trash and tries to detect coins

To change the mode, all you have to do is change the discrimination button. You also get an extra pinpointer mode to get a more precise location. Once you choose this mode, listen for a strong signal which means you’re just over the target.

The depth indicator has improved since the previous 150 version with an extra 2 inches in the display. The displaying depth is up to 8 inches and the depth scale on the right side will show you how deeply you have to dig to recover any coin you have found.


Sensitivity is ¾ power, on default mode and you can adjust sensitivity based on ground conditions if you’re not receiving any feedback or chatter.

And if you’re getting too much chatter, you can turn it down until you’re at an acceptable level. It is good to listen to the tones and not constantly stare at the screens especially if you’re looking downwards for many hours at a time.

It can be fatiguing to say at the least! While sweeping the coils, raise the sensitivity until filings are heard and turn it down when the detectors seem stable.


The Garrett Ace comes with a headphones jack, but you will have to purchase headphones separately. There is also no volume control.


With 5 modes, you can turn off any unnecessary segments on the discrimination scale. We recommend that you use this button with the elimination button, to avoid things you’re not interested in.

The Garrett 250 does an excellent job of overlooking objects you don’t want to find. You can adjust it easily using the + or – buttons.


The Garrett Ace 250 package offers a 6.5” x 9” PROformance search coil. Its elliptical shape ensures that it gives a more accurate detection than circular ones.

If you want to improve its depth perception, you can choose to buy a DD search coil. I also found that the Ace 250 is waterproof to a certain degree but you can make it completely waterproof by buying waterproof housing.

I would recommend that you wrap the coil around the back of the coil to prevent interference and false signals. With it being a beginner metal detector for the smaller budgets it would also be fair to say that a few have found the machine to be temperamental in highly mineralized conditions, giving off lots of false signals


While testing the Garrett coin the field, it could detect every coin, relic and a watch buried a few inches deep by me. It missed only one item using the discrimination test, so I would say it performed great, just short of perfection!

As far as the comfort level while using the Garrett Ace 250 goes, it was quite comfortable on usage for about 2-3 hours at a time.

It is built solidly and has a nice and soft foam on the handle with a velcro strap to provide secure usage. It is a good option if you want to go metal detecting in the land that is low in mineral density as the Ace 250 cannot be adjusted for mineralization.


  • It provides excellent sensitivity and can detect small metals that other cheaper models may miss
  • With features like 4 search modes, depth indication, 6.5 kHz, pinpointing and 4 AA batteries,
  • Made in the USA
  • Affordably priced making it great for beginners to the hobby Great for coin pursuit, hunting on dry beaches, freshwater hunting, and even competitions


  • If you plan to metal detect in very trashy areas, pinpointing can be difficult. So you will have to buy a pro pointer in this case
  • The coil PROformance has a small scanning area and less depth of detection. So you will have to replace this with a bigger one
  • The ACE 250 may give off false signals when the batteries are discharged


All in all, I am a fan of the Garret ACE 250 because of its affordability, loads of features and durability. Ace is also a trusted brand known to make reliable products and in fact, there are newer versions of the Ace 250 today which are also doing well in the market Check the price on Amazon