Does a Metal Detector Work In The Snow?

Yes, a metal detector can work just fine in the snow. However, you have to consider some factors for a successful metal detecting session. For some metal detector models, a search in the snow can cause damage to them, they do not have the right features to function in a wetland.

Your metal detector should be waterproof and low frequency to achieve a deeper search. Because of the snow’s depth, it is crucial to use a metal detector that searches deep through it. Ensure your detector’s limit is confirmed to prevent having a futile treasure hunt in the snow.

You need to find an area where the snow is not too deep. That makes it easier for your metal detector to search through the soil depth. When your metal detector finds a metal item, use a hand pick and shovel to dig the area. Having the right equipment at your disposal will make winter metal detecting easier for you. Ensure that your digging equipment is strong enough to pick through the snow.

When metal detecting during winter, bring along a shovel, handpick, thong, and a car charger just in case your metal detector goes off.

Tips for using metal detectors during the winter

Snowy grounds become wet when the temperature becomes warm. Exposing your metal detector’s coil to the wetland will not only cause damage to it. You stand the risk of getting electrocuted too. Ensure the detector’s coil is covered to protect yourself and keep it from becoming damaged. Also, consider your detector’s battery as the weather drains it out quickly.

Make sure your metal detector is charged fully before stepping out. You don’t want your jolly treasure hunt cut short because of a drained metal detector. Another thing that can cut short your metal detecting session is inadequate winter gear. Although it may seem trivial to mention apparel now, it is crucial to dress for the task as you may spend an extended time outside.

To be in the clear, make sure your clothing and apparels are waterproof. There is a tendency that you search shallow water during metal detecting sessions. That will prevent you from getting wet and catching a cold as you continue your search.

Places to go metal detecting during Winter

Note that not all grounds are searchable during the winter season. You have to be strategic about your search location for a fruitful metal detecting session. Some of the places to metal detect in the snow are;

  • Popular tourist areas during winter: During the snowy season, people embrace hobbies such as skiing, fishing, Sledding, snowboarding, hiking, skijoring, and lots more. They tend to drop valuable stuff while at it. Searching around high tourist areas in winter can yield a pocketful of jewelry, keys, coins, and other valuables.
  • Parking lots: You might as well call parking lots caves of wonders during the winter season. They are even a lot better because you don’t find forbidden treasures. You find keepable valuables instead when metal detecting around the area.
  • Beaches: As you know, the jewelry and coins you find when metal detecting don’t grow there, people drop them. Right before winter launches, tons of people visit the beach to catch what is left of the Fall. You can find many valuables at the beach when you visit during the winter.

Note that it is better to visit areas you are familiar with when metal detecting. That is because the targeted new areas may be filled with dangers. For example, if snow covers a hole, you may fall right into it since you never saw it.

In summary

Here’s why you should metal detect during winter;

Metal detecting in the snow may not be like your regular treasure hunts due to the drastic difference in weather. Nevertheless, it is one of the best periods to go in search of valuables. During winter, most people box their detectors and wait for the warmer seasons. You will find more stuff if your detector has the ability and when you search the right places.

Although it may be a feat to go treasure hunting in the snow, you are less likely to meet any rivals at your search spot. It is the season where most have their highest record of valuable findings.


Can a metal detector find a lost cell phone in the snow?

A good metal detector will find virtually any metal item in different weather conditions. Before going out to search for the lost phone in the snow, ensure your metal detector is in the right condition. That is, fully charged, waterproof, and has deep searchability.

Can I metal detect in the snow?

Sure, you can go metal detecting provided you meet the criteria for searching on a snowy day. Make sure your detector is waterproof and is low frequency. Since snow depths may affect how deep your metal detector can search, you need one with a very sharp detecting ability. Also, watch out for the battery of your detector. They get drained faster when the weather is cold. Make provisions for extra power in case your detector runs low. You can do that by bringing along a car charger that will fit the metal detector.

Where are the good spots for metal detecting in the snow?

The first place to go metal detecting in winter is high tourist spots. Search areas where people sled, ski, snowboard, and do other winter activities. Such places will yield you a lot of valuables if you have the right equipment.  You can also search shallow water areas and the Beach.

Will my metal detector damage if I use it in the snow?

Most metal detectors are built to work in the harshest weather conditions. If yours is a standard metal detector, you should worry less about damages. However, if you are not sure about the waterproof ability of your metal detector, check the properties from the instruction manual that came with it.