Do Metal Detectors Detect Mini Liquor Bottles?

Yes, a metal detector can detect liquor bottles.

can metal detectors detect mini liquor bottles
metal detectors can detect mini liquor bottles

Metal detectors detect metallic elements using magnetic field. They are not designed to find any mineral-based items including glass. This means a metal detector will never be set off without the presence of a metallic element in an object nearby.

A mini liquor bottle must have had a hint of metal in it to trigger a metal detector. That begs certain questions about the presence of metal in mini liquor bottles.

Detecting for mini liquor bottles is different from detecting arrow heads or detecting liquid.

Do mini liquor bottles contain metal?

Yes mini liquor bottles do contain metal. The metal caps on mini liquor bottles are enough to trigger a metal detector.

Almost all metallic caps used for liquor bottles are made of aluminum which is detectable by metal detectors.

That is not to say the presence of such caps will set off the metal detector all the time. Some liquor bottles with metal caps can pass undetected by a metal detector if;

  • The mini liquor bottle is not within the search frequency of a metal detector.
  • The metal detector is not strong enough to pick up such hints of metals.
  • The metal detector is not configured to find aluminum.

Aluminum and metal detectors

Contrary to what you may think, metal detectors do not need an item to be magnetic before it can be detected.

aluminum and metal detectors

Metal detectors find ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, and stainless steel. Aluminum falls in the category of non-ferrous metals and can be found by almost all metal detectors unless configured not to do so.

Although aluminum does not have electromagnetic properties, a metal detector set to high frequency will find them. Those non-ferrous metals conduct electricity and can interfere with electromagnetic waves or pulses of metal detectors.

That is why handheld scanners at airports, concerts, games, and other checkpoints can go beyond finding magnetic metals. Even the aluminum foil wrappers of candy bars are enough to set off the detector’s alarm once tuned to find them.

How to stop your metal detector from detecting aluminum

Can you prevent your metal detector from finding aluminum? Yes, it is very possible to remove aluminum off your detector’s radar.

Most treasure hunters do not have use for aluminum, they configure the metal detectors to avoid them during searches. You can easily find such configuration options in new metal detector models. They can discriminate between metal types and ignore some according to your settings.

However, even if a metal detector is set to ignore aluminum, it will still detect any metal you wrap in it regardless of the size. Do not mistake the ability of an aluminum foil for an invisibility cloak.

If you want your metal detector to discriminate against aluminum, ensure it is a configurable type. Then, use the instruction manual that came with the metal detector to tune it according to your preference.

Note that discing out aluminum may also prevent gold and platinum that fall within the same range as the aluminum from being found. While you may not enjoy digging through trash only to find nothing, some trash diggings turn out to be the discovery of valuable metals like gold.

Best place to go metal detecting for mini liquor bottles

The best place to go metal detecting for mini liquor bottles is popular beaches that have a busy nightlife. People are more likely to drop bottles on the beach when they are out drinking.

I’ve found the highest number of mini liquor bottles in Daytona Beach, FL.

Can you go metal detecting for mini liquor bottles in the woods

Yes, you can go metal detecting for mini liquor bottles in the woods. However, you likely won’t find many. If you are collecting trash on hiking trails I would recommend focusing on the trails with high traffic.