Best Places to Go Metal Detecting (10 Recommended Locations)

Treasure hunts have fascinated human beings for centuries. From searching for treasure troves presumably hidden by buccaneers and pirates on deserted islands all over the world to deep- diving the seas and oceans to plunder long sunk ships,

treasure hunters have scoured the earth in search of this legendary wealth and glory. Archeologists have dug up colossal wealth from long-forgotten royal tombs in far-flung exotic destinations, like Egypt, South America, and china.

Most treasures raised include coins, gold nuggets, jewelry, and ancient relics. Now, if you’re to go for treasure hunting, the most logical site for a start would be one that has been used by or inhabited by people for a long time. In some places, you may need to seek permission from some authority or other to start your activity.

Nevertheless, here are 10 top places to go metal detecting:

1. Your Own Back and Front Yard

Many homes are built in places that have had prior human activity, and this would be an ideal place to start your search.

You may find dropped coins, jewelry, or other valuable objects dropped by previous occupants of the property.

2. Your Neighbour’s Or Friend’s Yard

Rope in your friends and neighbors into your endeavors. They may not be as enthusiastic as you are, but they may be drawn in by curiosity rather than anticipated gain. Again, you may yield an old decrepit wristwatch or necklace.

3. The Beach

This is a place that throngs with people at particular times, and there is a high likelihood that people may misplace or lose little treasures, like coins, bungles, rings, and trinkets. Waves wash up all manner of things that may be lost at sea, and the beach is one of the places most likely to find something that may be of some value.

4. Open Fields

This is also an area that may have witnessed some human behavior, like sporting events or rallies. Coins and ornaments can fall from pockets and bags. Visiting these sites soon after events with your handy metal detector will most certainly bear something valuable.

5. Parks

Parks are ideal places to visit with your metal detector, and there is also a high probability of finding something of significance. This is also a place where there is a fair amount of activity at times, such as fetes, concerts, or sporting events.

6. Deserted homes or Towns

If you’re not ruffled by spooky places, this is the ideal treasure hunt destination for you. This place will most likely surrender a ton of trinkets and, most likely, some pricy treasures too.

7. Old Mines

Your metal detector will go haywire in here, but you may discover an undiscovered vein of gold or silver.

8. Battle Sites

Here you will mostly find musket balls, arrow and spearheads, bayonets, cartridges, and rusty guns and artillery pieces.

9. Churches

Church and places of worship are very likely to be the oldest buildings around and therefore witnessed a reasonable amount of human activity.

You may want to ask for permission from whoever is in charge of the grounds before you begin. Keep away from the gravestones, though!

10. Picnic Sites

Picnic sites host many people frequently and as in parks and other places, coins, and other ornaments may be misplaced or lost to your advantage.