Best Headphones for Metal Detecting

Metal detectors make a beeping sound when it passes over a target. Now, this sound is the difference between someone with a treasure and someone not!

Beginners to this hobby are training themselves to recognize this sound but professionals often rely on accessories like metal detecting headphones to do this job with more accuracy. Here are some reasons why pros prefer using a metal detecting headphone:

  1. When you’re out detecting, you might not be able to get a lot done if there are a lot of people around you. If you’re wearing headphones, you’re likely to get a lot more peace and quiet
  2. You’ll be able to hear really low signals with a headphone especially if there is wind, traffic or animals around
  3. To a passionate hobbyist, the beeps and creeks of a detector are a delightful sound but to the bystander, they can get loud and annoying. The noises are also triggering to dogs whose barking will then bother the neighborhood
  4. It is economical to wear headphones in the long run! Using headphones allows your batteries in your detector to last much longer.
  5. This is because once the headphone is plugged in the jack, the detector’s speaker shuts off. The weather outside should not prevent you from venturing out and detecting! Put on a raincoat and headphones to stay protected and cancel out the noise of the wind and rain.

With that said, here are some of the top metal detecting headphones on the market:

1. Bounty Hunter HEAD-PL Metal Detector Headphones

The bounty hunter headphone produces a clear sound even at a low volume. Scratchy sounds are very annoying to a metal detector and can confuse you from identifying targets.

These Headphones did not produce any scratchy sounds. The HEAD-PL headphones can be used with the entire range of Bounty Hunter metal detectors besides the Bounty Hunter Junior.

With a ¼ -inch stereo plug, it will fit in most other branded detectors too. It comes with an 8-inch cord which is long enough to prevent stretching of the cord while detecting.

This is helpful if you’re tall and don’t want to bend a lot while using the headphones. Like any good headphone, the HEADPL is padded to prevent strains and discomfort.

This also ensures that external noise is blocked out and does not distract from detecting. HEAD-PL is made of leather that makes them very durable.

The headphones can handle damage from heat or pressure. But that doesn’t mean they are not comfortable to wear, they made of soft leather ensuring there is no discomfort or pain to the user’s ear.

Aesthetics wise, this pair is a modern-looking one with plush and shiny leather. In my opinion, the HEAD PL is good for those metal detectors who search in harsh weather.

2. Garrett Clearsound Easy Stow Headphones

The Garrett Easy Stow headphones are loud, clear, comfortable and no-frills. If you’re using a Garrett metal detector, this headphone is the best of the lot since it is at a right angle and connects easily.

You might have to purchase an adaptor with other headphones. It has a coiled cord that can stretch up to 82″ so it will be out of the way while detecting.

Also, other non-coiled cords ones could get snagged on the detector which can jerk your headphones from your ears. You get an option for volume control on the cord and I would suggest that you turn it on at the halfway point.

Since these headphones are quite loud, the loudest setting will end up hurting your ears. As far as wearability is concerned, these headphones are lightweight and have a soft padded ear cup.

The band which covers the head is also lightly padded which helps this headphone stay in place. I did notice that the headphones increased the battery life of the detector I used by a bit.

They can block quite a bit of outside noise as well. It won’t take up a lot of space too as the earpieces can be rotated to be flat.

If you require a reliable set of metal detecting headphones that are comfortable for long-use and not too expensive, the Garrett Clearsound Easy Stow headphones are a good choice.

3. Garrett Treasure Sound Headphones

The Garrett Treasure Sound headphones are also a budget pick and are also the smallest of this list. I use them in the summer because they are are so lightweight that they don’t get sweaty! Since they do not block out external noise, the Garrett Treasure Sound headphones are best suited for those hunting in a forested area so that you can hear the sounds of animals and be safe!

The headbands are adjustable, padded and will fit everyone, even if you have a big head. The ear cups are washable which is a nice bonus.

I liked the feature of an inline volume control while it means that you can reduce or increase the volume irrespective of the detector having volume control.

However, the cord is a bit too long and it got caught in a few things on the way. All in all, this is a great budget pick that can help in detecting treasures for beginners.

4. DetectorPro Gray Ghost Amphibian II Headphones

This headphone is specially designed for those who want to detect underwater up to 30 feet but also want to use this on land.

This pair is compatible with the Garrett AT Gold, Pro, Infinium, Infinium, and the Hunter Mark. While you can use the original headphones provided by Garrett in water, the connection cannot be immersed in water.

Because it is made to the right specifications of the above, the connection is strong and can be used in water without it slipping away.

The major difference between this pair and other ones is that though this is priced higher, the sound produced is clean. And you can hear the distinction between sounds so clearly.

If you are a professional, the sound of a high tone can tell you if its a special coin or not. The quality of this pair reflects the pricing as it is compact, soft and durable.

It features a sturdy coil with a Waterproof Plug. The earmuffs deserve a special mention as they are comfortable as they are useful.

The muff can block sound up to 24 decibels and this is why you can hear the machine’s tones so well. As for comfort, the earmuff is thick with soft cushions. While metal hunting for 3 hours, we didn’t have to readjust the Ghost Amphibian even once.

5. Garrett Submersible Headphones (2202100)

Deteknix is known for producing quality headphone and the Deteknix W3 includes a transmitter meaning that it is wireless and can be plugged into any metal detector.

This is one of the latest versions available in the market and is great for those who love technology. Not only are you free from long wires but are very comfortable.

They are not soundproof though and will allow you to hear exterior sounds to some degree. The time lag is a concern that I have with any Bluetooth enabled headphones, but this didn’t seem like a big issue here.

The time lag reported by the manufacturer is .006 seconds which is next to nothing! We have been as far as 12 m away from the metal detector without the signal being lost.

The transmitter is attached to the detector with an O-ring. This can get loose in areas with trees so I recommend that you get a velcro attachment.

As far as battery life is concerned, the W3 worked for about 6 hours on a full charge. But the best part is that it charges quickly in about 2 hours. The headphone comes with 2 cables but does not include an AC wall socket.

Guide To Buying A Metal Detecting Headphone

Choosing the right metal detector is not so simple especially if you’re new to metal detecting! Here are some factors to keep in mind while choosing the best Metal Detecting Headphone for yourself:


The more you pay, the more you get is certainly true in most products. The more expensive the headphone, the more features you will get with it.

if you have a budget, then start with a basic one, learn it and then move to one with frills.


The most important factor is to check if the headphone is compatible with your metal detector. In some cases, you can buy an adaptor to fit the headphone with the detector.

It is best to buy both the headphone and the metal detector of the same brand.

Think about the different capabilities

Volume control is a good option to have. If your headphones have a high ohm setting and if the volume is high, your headphones will be super loud and cause a headache.

Even if the metal detector has a volume control, it is better if the headphone has this option to prevent the noise from overlapping.

Metal detecting is conducted outside 90% of the time and unless it is an isolated space, you will likely hear background noises, car honks, wind and more. This is why I would recommend getting headphones that can shield you from exterior sounds.


A metal detector would spend at least 2-3 hours on average on the field. The headphones and the detector need to aid in the hobby and be comfortable on the ears.

Some models can feel good for a while but can cause discomfort when worn for a long time. So be sure to check the padding on the headphone and avoid buying something that is too tight

Extra features

Newer models are coming up with features like Bluetooth which will enable the headphones to be wireless. Standard Bluetooth can cause a time lag between finding the target and hearing a response which can be annoying to professionals.

So go for one which has the latest Bluetooth version or the aptX Low Latency (aptX LL) Bluetooth.


A metal detector does not come cheap and you will not want to keep replacing its accessories. To find a metal detector headphone that will last as long as your detector does.

The first thing to check is the cord as it should not be flimsy and pull out. Headphones featuring a 90-degree plug is recommended as it will reduce stress on it and can handle tugging.

Ensure the headphones are made of good quality cushion so that it won’t break down into bits and pieces after long use.

Final Thoughts on Headphones for Metal Detecting

To sum it up, a good metal detecting headphone can amplify the treasures you find in the field and help you enjoy the hobby more. I hope the above article helped you develop an affinity towards this accessory and find the right one for you.